Sunday, 24 July 2011

whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-falks

whispering with elves, trolls and hidden-falks

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its my Icelandic Artist in Residence Diary 2011-2012 :)

アイスランドの滞在日記を→ コチラにまとめています。

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain by sanso-xtro


recently i'm waking up with the music: Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain by sanso-xtro . my favorite track is Hello Night Crow x x x

and ... this is my portable cd player has been always going out with me :)

it made a safe journey!! xX from Australia



Monday, 27 June 2011

the ray of light resolved into the spectral colors 



Thursday, 16 June 2011

dreams or memories...

a ten features of weird dreams i saw in every sleeping time recently. after awakening, i forget most of dreams. but i think, in very few moments, i remember very detail of dreams. what i want to say is... now i wonder they are staying in me as dreams i saw or memories i experienced in past...


Friday, 10 June 2011

yesterday i met a lady hiding a magic wand in her handbag :)


yesterday i met a lady hiding a magic wand in her handbag :) it happened when i visited The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, for Rembrandt: The Quest for Chiaroscuro. soon after i just started to be in a (kind of long) queue for tickets, she appeared in front of me. ‎'hello lady, i give you this one...oh! it was mine (used ticket) let me see... where did i put.. been in my left hand... hmm...come this way (away from queue) ... well let's check... Oh!! here it is!! (a valid invitation ticket!) this is for you my love, enjoy ;)'and she left... romantic.... sooo very romantic ♡ ... it was the best ever magical gift for me :)

国立西洋美術館レンブラント展。わーやっぱり混んでるなぁと、チケット売場の列に並んだその時、突然・・・「ねえあなたこれあげるわ。あら?これは私ので(手には半券)どこに入れたかしら、えーとね、こっちの手に持って...あっちょっとこっちに来て(列を外れる)確か、あーホラ!あったワ!はいどうぞ、観てね」と・・・無料観覧券をいただいたの。ロマンチックすぎる・・・そして、その魔法つかいのような おばさまは行ってしまわれた....。(えっ?なんで私えらばれたの?娘の世代だから?列の一番後ろに並んだばっかの私が一番得するのずるくないっ??)とか喜びの面食らってる間のできごと。はっ!と我に返る私(少しだけ駆け寄って)「わー!こんな素敵なプレゼントありがとうございます(ぺこり)」と伝えるのが精一杯・・・ロマンチック!!「光と、闇と、レンブラント」この展示みたらなんらかの意義ある作用がおこると思ったとおり。自分に今日出会った17世紀のレンブラントの血がまざっていくこと、うれしく感じる。

Saturday, 7 May 2011

incanations by tokyo blue weeps


incanations by tokyo blue weeps
disk union で買うとmusic video収録のDVDが特典でついてくるよー。

Friday, 6 May 2011

tokyo blue weeps recording for incarnations


‎///document photos/// my good friends 'tokyo blue weeps' recording for their 1st Album "incarnations" at 八ヶ岳 星と虹 recording studio (Yatsugatake stars and rainbows studio) in Dec 2010. please have a look and listen!! x → HERE

///ドキュメント・フォト/// お友達の'tokyo blue weeps' の1st Album "incarnations"が発売になりました。2010年12月初旬に小淵沢にある”八ヶ岳 星と虹 スタジオ” でレコーディングしたときの写真を撮りました。ぜひ見て聴いてください!→ HERE

Friday, 8 April 2011

cherry blossoms talking to you

cherry blossoms talking to you ... with love keiko kurita Apr 2011

まるで桜が話しかけてくれてるように見えたので :)