Tuesday, 7 March 2006

sentimentalist / sanso-xtro

sentimentalist / sanso-xtro ( type record )
beautiful beautiful sound. i listened sentimentalist a lot. of course i love that. but live performance is more more just... so fantastic. her (melissa's) creating sound including her soul, her playing, her touching to each instrument is just beautiful, sensitive and strong. (especially when she is on drums). so hard to explain but...mesmerizing. then, my senses get similar with the feeling when i am watching snow coming down from the sky, water stars moving, feeling winds or those kind natural sources. very quietly emotional. very special instinctive rhythm. and I also like the name "sanso-xtro". some songs from sanso-xtro might be going to be on my video work now i'm i'm making...

sentimentalist / sanso-xtro ( type record )
すごくきれいな音。CDで聞く音もすてきだけど。ライブがいい。彼女 (メリッサ) の本能的な感覚。特に彼女がドラムを叩く時。そこから生まれる音を聴くと。水にゆらめくキラキラを見てるときや、雪が空から降ってくるとき、木々の間から もれる光が揺らめき走る光景や、風を感じるときと似たような感覚に。魅了。わたしが今創っているVIDEO作品にsanso-xtroの音がつくかも。か も。日本では。彼女のサイトからオンラインで買えるけど。札幌のタワレコで見たという目撃談があるから。きっと東京やその他にもあるはず。

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