Thursday, 10 May 2007

up and down (down version)

im not maybe tired.
but absolutely confused.

not always
but indeed very often.

i dont like it... i know!

up and down
up and down
slow fast
slow fast...
(night crusing)

heres too far
too far
too separated
from there and everything...

i want to be 100% purely happy
i want to experience to be 100% purely happy ... once more...

ah. i mean. maybe.

i want to get my mind status
as that i can feel more happy towards the happies
and as that i can keep those happies longer in my mind
to keep me happy

because sometimes i am actually happy!!
( like after going to hair dresser )

but. soon. thats gonna be corapsed.
the empty monster / nothing monster hit me to get me confused.

but i dont know...
are those monsters my enemies?
or..... could be friends?

anyway. what am i talkin bout?!

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