Friday, 21 December 2007

a hole to see the sky through by Y.O.

we met at the crossing as usual.
GALLERY 360℃ is on that crossing.
by very very coinsidence.
exhibition FLY by YOKO ONO was held there.
that was very interesting show.
then we got a postcard by YOKO ONO
"a hole to see the sky through"
and we saw through the moon in the high high sky.
we noticed. it was very ok with night sky to see through.
no need that the sky is with day light to see through.

待ち合わせの交差点前。GALLERY 360℃にて。
あまりに偶然YOKO ONOのFLY展。
そこで手にした「a hole to see the sky through」
by YOKO ONOのポストカードを手に。

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