Saturday, 3 October 2009

Little Red of hideout from enter the treehouse

an air-mail package arrived for me from UK Loughborough. i bought a Little Red t-shirt of hideout by enter the treehouse. This is just a part of online shopping but i almost felt like a gift arrived for me. i could touch a beautifully wrapped package and unwrapped them. it made me happy very much :) and i like this t-shirt.

それは単なるオンラインショッピング。Little Red t-shirt of hideout by enter the treehouse。UKから。だけどあやうくギフトをもらったかのようなうれしさ。エアメールってだけでどこかドキドキするし。UKの空気が詰まっている。そして予想以上に丁寧に包まれたラッピング。うれしかった。そして。このTシャツが好き。

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