Friday, 1 February 2008


this is how i met/found Kyte music at tower record shibuya in Tokyo:) ..... at the store, I was walking down on the escalators from 7F. i was very very depressed, preoccupied with something i didn't even know what was that, anyway, my mind was not in me. I walked around meaninglessly, and i went into that floor almost unconsciously, then somehow, i picked up the headphones and put play button without any purpose nor any senses.

After a while, finally, i realized where I was and I was almost in tears..... What?? Why cry? what am I listening to? KYTE??Who are they? .... the shop info board said, 5 people age around 20 from Leicester in England inspired by Radiohead and Sigur Ros.....? ( little bit too easy commercial comment?) anyway, that's their Debut Album..... ok....I'll buy one. That moment was a very Happening for me. I am so glad i could come across the band KYTE...


しばらくして、タワレコの3Fくらいの場所で誰かのCD視聴している自分のその状態に気がつく。なんだか泣きそうになっていることにも気がついた。ハッとする。えっ?なんで泣きそう?なんで聴いてる?わかんない。とりあえず彼ら誰?「KYTE」へー。イギリスのレスター出身の平均年齢20歳のRadioheadとSigur Rosが好きな事を公言している5人組。デビューアルバムらしい。がーん。やばい。ここ数年、新しく聴く音楽をなかなか好きになれないのに、一瞬だった。これはまちがいない。呼ばれた感じ。あきらかに呼ばれたでしょ。がーん。このなりゆきにちょっと衝撃。よかった。出会ったよ。彼らにたどりついてよかった。

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